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We are proud to announce that this project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 835420 and 822273

The future of
Combat Training
is here.

A perfect combo to help you
make actual gains in your training.

Sensor Wraps MK II

A state of the art underglove laced with sensors with exceptionally comfy and snug fit to replace your wraps.


A great intuitive app to pair with the sensors giving you the feedback that you need to improve your game.

Sensor Wraps MK II

A great pair of undergloves to begin with. You will never miss your traditional wraps with these beauties. Built by the professionals, for the professionals.

Exceptionally firm grip

Fitted with state of the art technology

Durable, comfortable, washable!

Advanced Sensors

Lined up with 13 different sensors per hand. For the most accurate performance data.


Protection and support designed by the industry leads.

Exceptional Grip

The specially designed contraptions provide a tight snug fit, like never before.


High degree of adjustment for desired freedom or stiffness.


last training partner you'll need

Live Feedback

The app shows your training progress in real time! With every single move being registered, it tells you about all your highs and lows.

Monitor Progress

See your progress in a weekly or monthly time span from different angles and perspectives. Or go back to the report of one of your favourite training sessions in the past.

Go Public

Give your coach access to your data. Check out your peers’ progress. Follow your Champions!

The power of our sensors

All the ParametersCharacteristicsAssessmentsParametersCharacteristicsAssessmentsParametersCharacteristicsAssessments

TECNE App tracks your movements over a variety of parameters and characteristics, giving you a wider assessment.


Measures how accurately your punches land. Every single one of them.


Impact Force

Well, the name pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?


Can you land your hits? Track the acceleration of your attacks.



Are you a fan of hooks, hammer-fists or the old good direct punch? Find out.



Are you giving your 100%? Track how intense your training actually is.



All the feedback you need to improve your game. In one place.

The Mode.

Two training modes
for twice the freedom.

Pick your style.

Free Training

Just connect your wraps and go all out on the training grounds. The app will take care of the rest.

Time Based Training

Customize your training. Create your own regime. Activity by activity. Round by round.